Regina's Fire

I had intended to delete the following but I still get questions about how my daughter is doing so, until the house is back up...I thought I'd leave it. She should be in her new house by January. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the House Blessing.

The whole process has been an amazing magickal journey. Four homes were damaged, three insurance companies were involved, three contractors, three adjusters, seven investigators, the homeowners association, the fire department, her employer, dozens of family and friends who showed support...And not a fight or law suit among them. The words kept coming up over and was if by magick...a miracle that things each person needed...suddenly was easily made available to them. Everyone got along, agreed on one contractor and my goal of my daughter not being hurt one bit more than she already had...was realized...with the love and support of my circle of magickal friends.

I thought for fun, I'd post the TOP "TEN" list my husband wrote the day after the fire. We were all so numb...we moved as if we were blind, especially Gina. He did it out of that feeling that one can get when things can go so rediculously wrong...that you almost have to laugh, it's is so hard to wrap your head around it. It is still one fo the funniest things I've ever read. Just a bit of explanation regarding the references...#11 - Sears capped the gas line when they put in her new electric dryer. #10 - My old news station reported...without sources...because the home was owned by a black woman...that the explosion might have been the result of a Meth-Amphetimine lab. (Grrrrrrrr) #6 - I was carefully carrying a box of blue lead-crystal glasses that has survived, when I was ONE INCH away from safely setting them on the ground, the box they were in came unglued and one glass rolled onto the cement...and broke.

Top Eleven Things I Learned From Regina’s Tragedy;

11. There is no God who would allow such and awful thing to happen. But if there is, he really needs to do something about that Sears.

10. If you’re black, and your condo blows up – clearly you had to be running a meth-lab. And the dozens of beloved friends that come out to help you really just want to know why they weren’t included in the lucrative fun.

9. The Beatles were right, all you need is love. And underwear. And a cell phone charger. But mostly, love.

8. The security and cleanup crew is very adept at coding the gate locks with the most unbreakable numerical locking system so that no one may – oh, never-mind, if you know what year it is, you’re in.

7. We can no longer accuse insurance companies of being difficult and frugal, especially when they’re willing to pick up the tab at an IHOP.

6. Exotic fragile glassware can survive explosions, burning, intense heat, and pressurized water hoses… Just not concrete. And idiots near concrete. Apparently.

5. It’s fun to begin all of your telephone conversations with; “Um yes, my blew up yesterday? So I need a new blah blah blah…” Just to mess with the listener.

4. Keeping your important documents bagged and in the freezer is an excellent idea… but you gotta watch out for that melted ice cream.

3. The upside of all of this, is that our DVD Check-out system has finally proven it’s worth. We know exactly which of our DVD's died in the fire.

2. While mostly everything else is in ruins, you can count on - coasters - to make it out of the place, just fine.

And the Number One thing I learned from Regina's Tragedy was...

1. After any catastrophic disaster, especially the ones where a woman loses everything in the world, one of her first duties the following hitting the shoe store.

Written May 2004
What a week we've had the past three days...

Day three: Still numb and wearing down. The first day back since the fire, we met the claims adjuster to assess the damage. Basically, she can't measure the contents loss - so much of it is gone and the rest is unrecognizable. Now the family is making lists of gifts and their values and hunting down pictures of shared events.

Plus, there have been so many offers of donations, we have decided to take donations through Danny's PayPal account under - or Contact me if anyone has any questions or suggestions.

And let me say again - THANK YOU ALL - for the love, support, donations, advice, prayers, candles and healing energy being sent our way. Our gratitude cannot be measured by existing technology.

View from the back drive way~ ~ ~ The patio furniture we gave her for her birthday

The dress (center of picture left) that she wore to Cindy's wedding tossed on debris. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The wrought iron book stand from her sacred space, a shoe, and debris.

Kitchen where the gas leak was. ~ ~ Adjuster in living room with air conditioner right.

Dining room: Pile on the floor is what's left of the charred remains of her clothes from closet above ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Then looking up: Master bedroom is missing. Wall is of Master Bath. Her bed was right over the gas leak.

Dining room where we found the coasters and glasses in tact ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The only picture we found was of Sparky.

Boots tucked in back of the master closet. ~ ~ ~ Master bedroom, bath, closet, office - gone.

Happier Times

I have books and frames and boxes filled with pictures of my kids. The earliest of her, is when I became her godmother when she was in - what was it, 4th grade? But my heart can't remember a day in my life when I didn't love her. Smart, funny, kind, generous, loyal, and the least deserving of this trial and sadness. These pictures were already digitized, so I picked them due to time restraints. Throughout this site, whenever I refer to the Royal One - it is she, to whom I refer.

Lovely in her favorite sarong on her last birthday - pool party. That indomitable smile? Even now, she is still wearing it. ~~~~~~ All her Renfaire garb is gone including her wedding garb that we made for my wedding...She and her "brother" Halloween 2000.

San Bernardino Pleasurefaire late 90s - with me. She made her own garb that year. ~~~~~ I took this picture of her posing at the Moon Pool, Coral Castle, Florida 2003.

My girl, ATVing up in Idaho, exploring the terrain around our vacation home near Yellowstone National Park. That brown sock she's wearing? It was white before she went mudding! ~~~~~ San Bernardino again with my neice, her, me and her sister.

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