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1973 - 1980

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Having fully faced reality, I'm now
looking for a good fantasy. - Ardriana Cahill.

Coming into my Own

These were the most active years for Mother's circle. During this time, she, my foster sister, S.S.G. several other women and I worked the hardest and learned the most. It was a purposeful time. It was a hopeful time. It was both a selfless time and a self full time. I had just begun my second marriage after a serious illness that nearly killed me. Healing was slow and after a year in California we had moved back home. That is when Mother's circle began in earnest. S.S.G. and I were raising babies together as sisters and friends, with husbands who were best friends. At that time she and I were also becoming magickal partners. We were an amazing pair. And these pages will be some of the most clumsy and joyous and scattered.

Initiation in 1975 - The Work
My oath taking gifts were:
Automatic Writing

Under construction

Prompts: First practice with board, partnering with S.S.G., (almost scaring her away.) Working with T.W. and DD. (Daily work - transcribe from workbooks - S.G.S.'s too) Birth predictions, W.B.O., his fevers, his visions, his second grade closing. Dru's dream, Aer's dream. The Swim Team and the story of my mouse and the "Enchanted swim routine. I know Karate and 19 other Chinese words. Kurnnunos and poetry.

2004 Ardriana Cahill

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