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The Basics 1963
The Basics 1972

Mother's Table

These pages will be the heardest to fill.

In only three generations, our family tradition has already become a reconstructed tradition for those who may follow. Grandmother's tradition was an oral one and I am reconstructing her philosophies through my memories of her and my experiences of her through my mother's story telling. (Much of this site is the result of my adult children fearful that more will be lost. Although they are beginning to realize, having been raised with it, that they are no less the oral caretakers, than I am. And, to a degree, retain the internalized philosophy as a way of life.)

Mother began her writings in the early 1960s. She began writing them as a way to ease her grief at Grandmother's passing. So, she began a Book of Wisdom to record her mother's philosophies and practices. Mother's writings continued through the early 1980s. In an attempt to hurt me, a sibling (whom I will not name - even poetically), forbid me access to all of Mother's writings after Mother died. The lessons were of no value to anyone but me. But unless a nephew or neice decides to undo the pettiness, I have no hope of ever recovering them - if they haven't already been destroyed.

What this sibling couldn't forbid was the education that I received at Mother's table. Much of what Mother taught is already a part me. She believed that most of what we call mysticism, miracles, or magick comes from within. (This is a much larger concept when explored.) Of the many lessons I retain, one of those was: Nothing is ever lost. (You will find an essay on the subject in my Book of Light/The Soap Box On Nothing Ever Being Lost.)

So Mother, whose shade is peering over my shoulder as I type, tells me that I don't need those lost lessons because they are all stored safely in my mind and all I have to do is retrieve them. Without notes, she thinks I can just summon them all back. Impossible you say. Yeah, so do I. But of the many things I learned about Mother. It was never wise to bet against her.

NOTE: The linked information began coming off a Ouija board in the early 1960s and is only an outline of some of our work. Mother resisted, rejected and scoffed at much of it. Frankly, she thought it was weird, pseudo scientific and had a touch of the Twilight Zone in it. Believing that the Ouija is just a connection to one's subconscious, she thought she was doing it. (There's a good argument for that.) Moreover, because it was weird, she thought she was PMS-ing or feared for her mental health. (Neither of which proved true.) She was especially hard on herself after the family rejected her, labeling her as crazy. Although the information off the board was never anything hurtful, it was pretty weird. At one point, she told me to break up the board. I did. But the last thing that it said before she handed it to me was, ďGo ahead. It won't stop." She knew that trying to block psychic abilities was very difficult. So, she was both scientifically interested and superstitiously fearful of how this was going to progress.

Ten months after I broke up the board, Mother discovered that she was developing a new form of divination that she eventually labeled "Trick Sight."(In Magickal Records, July 1966, Tempe, Az., Trick Sight) After that, Motherís magickal/spiritual journey began in earnest, exploring new principles on how Grandmotherís form of magick worked. From the Craft to The Science, was Mother's journey.

My journey has been from the Craft to the Science and back to the Craft. Now I must return to the Science, reconstructing Mother's lessons, and comparing how the two arts are related.

Witch me luck.

© 2004 Ardriana Cahill

The Basics 1963
The Basics 1972

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