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The Basics 1975

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One cannot love what one fears. - D.B.M.

The Basics 1963

The Basics 1975
Auto suggestion, Five Extra Senses thought transmission and Thought transference, Interchangeable energies and osmosis, plus Ten rays or waves in the mind of which I know only five. Plus exercise, control and direction of the foregoing components.

The second set of waves.

Draw Wave: the transmission ray. It attracts and propels Scanner: works with the

En ray: Also known as the Rushing ray.

Vacu Wave: The spinner ray that clears the path to the past present or future.

Wen Wave: the ray that clarifies one’s perception of time. It is the hardest to control. That’s why most time stamps on predictions are incorrect. Infinite: Is uncontrollable. It is sometimes called the Stabbing Ray.

Five Keys

As the work progressed and we more clearly visualized the structure of where we accessed information—we began seeing ancient doors. After many exercises, lessons and experiments we were given a key to each door.

Key 1: Unlocks you. It is turned on for you. (A gift given after initiation) – It turns on the lie detector which opens you to recognize the truth when you hear it---positive only. You receive topsight, insight, and the will to win.

Key 2: Unlocks the past. The scanner works to take you to this door.

Key 3: Unlocks the present.

Key 4: Unlocks the future.

Key 5: The fifth door is the final door, the Infinite door. The door you pass through to understand completely yourself, your world, and the will of the gods for both. One must never open the door before death. Yet—--Ardriana discovered-- that the key also unlocks The Postern, a gate, hidden around the side of the wall, under a cascade of vines, distant and away from the other doors-small and unnoticed. An on a good day, one can peek in on the divine. The Wen ray works here.

The Button Box

One of the visualizations Mother was given was an array of brightly-lit buttons. There were five on hers--—Mother's was 1 red and 4 yellow (Red for love/Yellow for Joy). As time went on—my buttons changed colors (which I offer in the following.) The buttons were used as a focusing tool. They were most often used to program dreams, goals, experiments, and lessons while one slept.

Red: Rests under the thumb. Clears the lines. Usually pushed prior to working and at the end of the day. Sometimes the first thing in the morning if your mind has been “weeding out the trash” with nightmares or busy dreams.

Gold: Rests under your index finger. It specifically clears the lines to the past. With direct lines to the 5th, 7th and 10th centuries. Those lines can also be cleared to accesses not just information, but to summon support energy from the Gens (The Ancient Ones) while doing other works.

Green: Rests under your middle finger. It specifically clears the lines to the present. Which covers about a 3-5 month span—the distance the Wen ray can reach reasonably well. In seems that in that stretch of time that most things are liquid. That time-span proves to be the best frame to work within. It is there that we have our highest accuracy and most successful influence.

Blue: Rests under your ring finger. It specifically clears the lines to the future. Which covers the time with the Wen ray becomes harder to control. Be careful here---and don’t be surprised if one of your great grand children come to assist you in your lessons.

Silver: Rests under the little finger. Works with all the Rays. It specifically clears the lines to the Infinite, which unlike all the other forms of access to the divine is perfectly safe as it works to open you to the infinite. Not the Infinite itself. It is for incoming only. It expands your will to perceive the will of the gods.

© 1985 Ardriana Cahill

The Basics 1963

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