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To think disaster is to invite disaster – D.B.M.

The Basics 1972

The Basics 1963

Auto suggestion, Five Extra Senses, Thought transmission and Thought Transference, Interchangeable energies and osmosis, plus Ten waves or energies in the mind of which I know only five. Plus exercise, control and direction of the foregoing components.

Auto Suggestion: Self Hypnosis—turns on the rays in the mind—these are as yet undiscovered.

Gan wave: triggers Auto suggestion. En wave: encircling or search ray—this ray can move forward, backward or laterally in time.

Accu wave: stops the En Ray on pin point instead of the haphazard stabbing that prevails on present day experiments.

Stin Ray: the choice ray Two courses are open to choice—where one will be disastrous or undesirable—this is shown. Providing that history of the future is not a fixed course—with clear foresight man can change what he now thinks is unchangeable.

Nen wave: money and success. The gods destined no man to be poor or unsuccessful or hungry. This ray enables humankind to fulfill all his/her talents.

Note: This science cannot be used for any evil purposes to the simplest form of deterrent. Hatred, greed, lust for power, love of money, even the simple detractors like fear, worry, or anger sends a screen through the rays, cutting them off completely. That is why in a temper, even mundane judgment is skewed.

Extra Senses:

Sixth: Intuition, communication through emotional or physical energy.

Seventh: Stereo sight—communication through inner sight, including dream transmission that can be identified as stereo sight by the intensified colors and many forms of stereo sight.

Eight: Radio/audio—inner hearing—actual sound transmission of music or speaking voices. Example of future development of this sense: Someday little Frank will sit in New York and talk to Ecco in San Francisco exchange conversation without the benefit of a telephone.

Ninth: Ghost tone or silent communication like a taped message passing across the inner vision or a knowing of an event with not to her aid.

Tenth: Sense of the Infinite: To be discovered by Ecco. When it is unlocked it will enable man to understand his relationship to the gods and infinity.

Note: Except for the tenth sense, the others can work singly or in conjunction.

The Conscious Mind:

Operates in the Beta State. This is our normal rational cluttered mind. This state must be somewhat suppressed to receive information from other levels of consciousness. However retention of all information must be stored in the conscious memory. We learn to access and sustain what we call the Corridor, that half-sleep, half awake state of awareness between the conscious level and the other levels of the mind. One can train the conscious mind to be a delicate and unobtrusive observer of the other states of consciousness.

The Subconscious Mind:

Operates in Alpha State. This level is casually obtained in sleep. It is can be accessed by day-dreaming and through relaxing the mind or achieving the slow will. We access ancestral memory, in this state. Often divination techniques access this state of consciousness through, Ouija boards, trick sight, automatic writing, visions, and ghost tone.

The Unconscious Mind:

Operates in Theta State. This is reached through deep lucid dreaming, intense or deep meditation. It takes years of practice and training to intentionally induce this state. Within this state of consciousness we access ancestral memory (or cosmic memory), cosmic creativity, Karmic relationships and events, and Divine will.

The Foreconscious Mind:

Not discovered yet. Works with the En ray and the 10th sense.


The Slow Will Physical training Sensory training Magickal training

Never work longer that 20 minutes on informational, divinational or magickal works. You can hurt yourself. Headaches, fatigue, nosebleeds and stomach disorders can be caused by over working.

For the novice:

2-4-weeks will bring minor works. 6 months - 1 year major works.

... if one works every day.

© 1985 Ardriana Cahill

The Basics 1972

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