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Stop saying, Oh, Lord I am not worthy--
put your worthiness on the altar... – D.B.M.

The Basics 1963
The Basics 1972

Aphorisms from Book of Gen


By all we inherit,
Within Her protective arms,
Beneath His watchful gaze,
We are immortal.

First, you force it to work
Then, you will it to work
Then, you let it work

Some day, after mastering the winds, the waves,
the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love....
Then, for the second time in the history of the world,
humanity will have discovered fire.- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Worthy Gens will string together
And will not go awry,
For the cup turned up to the will of the gods,
Is the well that never runs dry.

Love is its principal
Joy is its theme

Belief is not necessary. Work is.

The will to win is commensurate
with the will to learn!

A heart singing is the purest form of music.

If you cannot conquer the sea,
you can blame it on the sea.
But if you cannot conquer yourself,
who do you blame?

Mastery over Self brakes the chains
that bind you to your history.
And frees you to run
to meet your future.

Before the world can mark a child, she knows who she is.
She needs no prospectus to judge her life
because she does not judge.
She just is.
The joy of life is the ever-present knowledge
that you are a child of nature.
An intricate facet of the whole,
necessary to its function.
When you loose this knowledge,
you learn detachment, self-protection, mistrust and subjugation.

Pure joy is shared. All joy is creative.

No one,—no matter how steeled,
can defend themselves against
perpetual kindness.

Three steps to authenticity:
With Love, one can be guided to discover one’s “True self”
With Joy, the true self runs unbridled to find
new sensations, understandings, communions and knowledge.
With Knowledge, one discovers one’s true gifts
and a definition on how to use them.

The more you use, the more there is to use
The more you give, the more there is to give.
The more you work, the more work you can do.

A Blessing~
May He/She walk with you
through the hours of your days
for all of your life.

This night the stars are dimmed
by the light that shines
in the hearts of my daughters.
Never have we been so well served.

Craves he for the fruit who tills no tree
The weariness and the dust
and the fruit of tasteless victory is his,
since fortune drew him
to the lists of disillusionment
to earn, through failure-- faith.
That Phoenix, born anew,
whose magic is so easy to apply,—
so hard to learn.
- George Edward Sisler

As a sacred trust, you have been given secrets with which to conquer the negative elements of your life and turn them into positive effects of your life. Be now motivated to win openly without fear or worry.

Three Levels of Understanding~

The conscious part of the mind thinks it knows.
The sub-conscious part of the mind knows.
The unconscious part of the mind knows it knows.

We often hear words about the sacredness of Salt, because it is found in Our Mother, the Ocean to which we are bound by the Salt in our tears. Yet, more Sacred still, we are bound to Her by the Salt . . . in our sweat.

Work is Love made visible.
- Kahlil Gibran

Without dogma, we breed neither martyr or heretic. From...

© 1985 Ardriana Cahill

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