Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year ~ Sabbots

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I have no idea what lies beyond.
I do know that if love transcends
the boundaries of life and space and time,
I have amassed more than enough
to carry me safely to my next destination.
And I hope that I have left enough behind
to help light a path so that we
may one day meet again. - Terry Harper

Samhain - Coven Ritual

Samhain Solitary Ritual

Called Oiche Shamhna in Ireland -Celtic New Year. The Celtic Winter quarter begins. It is a Mischief Night. From sunset Oct 31th to sunset Nov 1st It is the third and last of three Harvest Festivals.

Invite friends to bring a pot-luck dish loved by someone who has died. Eat apples for good luck. (Welsh) Bring scrying tools - tarot, stones, Ouija board. Messages to kindred, ancestral teachers, grandparents, elders of our tradition in whose footsteps we follow. Leave food out side at night for passing souls, Renew the protective energies of the home, Weave a witch's cord of autumnal colors using wish feathers & flowers you gathered on the Autumnal Equinox. Update personal histories, scrapbooks, journals, Light your quarters with the jack-o-lanterns.

Samhain Solitary Ritual

Light incense
Light candle within a cauldron or bowl
Ground and Center

Meditation:The Sun begins to reclaim the sky as the Moon begins to descend to become the earthly Spring Maiden. Contemplate the message of the coming Winter being the gifts of restoration and renewal leading you to reflect on the themes of freedom, spirit, clarity and wisdom.

Great Ones: Tonight we honor the dark, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. It is a time of rest and renewal after the harvest. A time for warm fires, good food and quiet celebration. As we stand at the crossroads of yet another year, it is also a time for reflection and plans for the future. Mother, Father, we seek your blessing and ask that you aid us as we bid our ancestors visit us and bring us their wisdom tonight.

Cast a Circle

In the name of the Rising Moons
In the name of the Setting Suns
In the name of our Blessed Dead
In the name of the Ancient Ones
To share the Present with the Past
This Samhain circle, now I cast
Original by Ardriana Cahill

With athame:
As above, So below

Welcome the Quarters

Light the yellow candle: 

I greet the East direction of Air,
Radiant One and Brother 
Guard my circle and guide my steps
as I enchant tonight.
Light the red candle: 
I greet the South direction Fire,
Fiery One and Father
Guard my circle and guide my steps
as I enchant tonight.
Light the blue candle: 

I greet the West direction of Water,
Mystic One and Sister
Guard my circle and guide my steps
as I enchant tonight.
Light the green candle: 

I greet the North direction of Earth,
Fertile One and Mother 
Guard my circle and guide my steps
as I enchant tonight.

We invite the gods

Shining Ones, Our family extends in all directions, a product of blood, adoption, fostering and love. Tonight, I come to you, Ancient Ones, with an open heart, to honor my beloved dead, to wish you well and to receive your blessings for the coming New Year. I am a link forged in an Ancient chain, I who carry the memory of my Ancestors forward into the future, come to you. Be with us, now. 
Original by Ardriana Cahill

Grandmother Wisdom open the door,
Grandfather Counsel, come you in
Let us welcome the Ancient Lore
Let us welcome the Repose of the Year
from Celtic Devotional Caitlin Matthews

Parting the Veil

Communicate your thoughts to the dead by writing and burning letters in the candle flame and placing it in the cauldron or bowl. Meditate on one person that you would like to be your guide in the coming year. Or let one person come forward during the meditation. Maybe take an extra moment to listen for any special message or feeling that may come. 

The Litany of Names

(Read a litany of names, in no order of importance, of your beloved dead; relatives, friends etc)

Of my beloved dead, I name:
Dorothy Maria Berry Mills,
I honor you

Earl Danforth Mills,
I honor you

(For a personal hero who may have crossed in the last 12 months)
A special remembrance for:
Heath Ledger, George Carlin, Tim Russert…
I honor you

(For a pet)
Of fur and feather and fin, I name:
Beau “Ole Stupid” Geste, Tabitha Stubs, Trinket Ferret, Mica J. Dog, Peetie the Starling, Beanie the wonder fish, Dewback the Iguana, Cuddles the Goose, Caesar the Dog, Piewacket Cat, Ralph the Rat, Jack the Dog, Bailey the Dog and Gypsy the Horse

I remember you

We celebrate Samhain
Good Hallows Eve! Our Cherished Old Ones
Good Hallows Eve! All Beloveds Passed
Seek ye the comfort of our fire
Seek ye the memory of our love
Help us now with your good council
Help us now to see beyond

New Years Predictions (Divination with tarot, peduluum, Ouija board, runes, or whatever form you use – write down your findings.)
The Old Ones leave
(May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rain fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again . . .
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

(Put out the cauldron fire and rekindle it before sunrise.)

Feast for the Dead
We thank thee, Father, for thy sacrifice
And Mother’s bounty everywhere;
For this and every other gift
My grateful cup, to thee I lift.

Releasing the Quarters
Powers of the North and Earth, go with care. 
Until we meet again. (Blow out candle)

Powers of the West and Water, go with peace. 
Until we meet again. (Blow out candle)

Powers of the South and Fire, go with love. 
Until we meet again. (Blow out candle)

Powers of the East and Air, go with clarity. 
Until we meet again. (Blow out candle)

Thanking the gods
Thank you Grandfather Council who cheers us
Thank you Grandmother Wisdom who comforts us
Touch the hidden seeds with us
That we may grow anew with Spring.

The circle is open, but unbroken,

Blessed be.

© 2004-2012 Ardriana Cahill

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