Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year ~ Sabbots

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We slept under the vast dome of the stars
and saw the lights there as the spirits of our ancestors.

Beltaine Solitary Ritual

Beltaine marks the Celtic Summer quarter beginnning, It is a Mischief Night. From sunset Apr 30th to sunset May 1st. It is the third and last of three Wiccan Flower Festivals. One of the four fire festivals in my family tradition. I made May "baskets" by taking colored paper, curling it into a cone and taping or stapling it closed. Then, we made a handle by cutting and braiding ribbons, leaving a length of the ribbons free to “tassel” both ends. We pushed the ribbon ends through small holes in the sides of the cone and knotted the ribbons, leaving the tassels dangling on the outsides of the cone. Then we filled the cones with flowering shamrocks, dandelions and wild mustard. At sundown on May Eve, we'd hang the "May baskets" on our neighbor's doors

Since as a Family lived in a Christian culture and we could not erect a proper May Pole, we sometimes made Faery May Poles to place in the garden. Two inch dowels of varying heights no more than two feet tall are shaved to a point on the bottom with multi colored ribbons tacked around the top and a crown of flowers to finish it off. With the smallest spring breeze, the ribbons fly and you can imagine the Fey - dancing to their magickal music.

May Eve - Erect a smaller, Faery Maypole, in the yard to play in the wind. Hang May garlands up, Traditional time for animal blessings, pets to be blessed are walked between two fires. Retake marriage vows in the woods, spend the night celebrating and watch the May morning sun now.

May Day– Lay green branches (gathered May Eve while a-maying!) to form a pathway to your door. Feast., Crown May Queen., Play games to win the May Queen‘s favor. Leave baskets of flowers on neighbors' doorsteps. Plant the seeds you may have blessed at the Vernal Equinox. Weave flower wreaths to wear or decorate with.

Beltaine Ritual

Meditation Contemplate the message of Summer, being the gifts of confidence and passion leading you to reflect on the themes of spontaneity, ambition, vigor, and abandon .

Cast Circle

By the air that is Her Breath,
By the fire that is Her spirit,
By the water that is Her blood,
By the earth that is Her body
I cast a circle of Goddess light,
On this glorious Beltaine night

Quarter call
Sing the song and join the rite
Praise the day and bless the night
Thank the gods for what they bear
Earth and water, fire and air. 1

Maiden of Flowers, open the door
Lover and Firebranch, come you in.
Let there be welcome to the growing strength
Let there be welcome to the Mating of the Year 2

We celebrate the beginning of Summer!
See how Aurora throws her fair
Fresh-quilted colors through the air
Come, we'll abroad; and let's obey
The proclamation made for May,
Rise, and put on your foliage, and be seen
To come forth, like the springtime, fresh and green.
Then while time serves, and we are but decaying
Come, my Beloved, come, let's go a-Maying! 3

Erect a Faery Maypole
The evening has its arms around us now.
The evening breathes its vows into our hair.
The evening puts its lips to throat and brow
And swears what it has sworn before
To others and will swear to more.
The evening has its arms around us now. 4

Circle cakes and Wine
Day and Night,
May we live in light.

Releasing the Quarters
By Wind and Sea, By Flame and Stone
And Ancient kindred who attended
And this circle now unbound
We thank thee. Hail and Farewell.

Thanking the gods
Golden lover who forged the Sun
Flowering maid whose lips have kissed
Touch the hidden fruit within us
Bring us into Autumn’s bliss

The circle is open, but unbroken

1 Variation on the Hymn to Ishtar from Acadia
2 Variation on Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews - 2004
3 Edited from Corinna's Going A-Maying By Robert Herrick"
4 The Night of the Full Moon by Lloyd Frankenberg
© 2004-2012 Ardriana Cahill

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