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To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour -William Blake

Stones Listed by Intention

My stone knowledge has been gathered over a period of 15 years and is still growing. My extensive list of individual stones fills eighty pages of my Book of Shadows/Correspondences with myth, magick, folklore, etymology, history and geological details. I have extensive studies on each stone that I would like to add to the site as soon as I can figure out how to edit them down.

Of all of natureís gifts these are some of the most beautiful, and if one learns their language, one will note that each one has a unique personality . . . that can comfort, energize, soothe, entertain and balance you. It amazes me how attached I can become a stone. Any stone. I have a terrible time giving up one of my stones. I have to have someone else select stones I intend to give away. I can look at the stone, but if I hold it Ė Iím doomed. One word Ė Labradorite. Itís like heroin. That is until I hold a different stone in my hand. They are precious spirits, Elemental children, made from air, tempered with fired, aged in the earth and polished by water.

My red haired daughter, our Stone Witch, has collected polished stones since she was very little and seduced me into learning their language. Before that, I thought of stones lovingly, but in the general sense, the way one sees a forest but doesnít see the trees. I used to think stones were a childís prize. Well, they are. And The Red One taught me that sometimes children are simply smarter than grown-ups. Okay, Iím a slow learner.

It is so important to one who professes to follow a nature religion to understand more than just the magickal attributions of stone. Whenever life gets too exhausting, I find myself researching more folklore to add to my knowledge, just for fun. It works every time to energize me. Then a new stone captures my attention and I have to go to the rock shop and back to the research to explore the stoneís personality. My circle will get a bouncy e-mail from me recounting what I learned that day and I will get return e-mails saying we are overdue for a rock shop field trip.

In the spirit of getting to know your stones, I learned this in one day.

How much of Citrine is heat treated these days? * All of it.
How about Emeralds? * They all have inclusions that are filled with Cedarwood oil or wax.
How many American States have some form of Agate as their state stone? * Eleven What is Jet composed of? * Petrified driftwood
How many colors are sapphires? * All but red because a red sapphire is a ruby
What makes emeralds green? * Chromium
What makes rubies red? * Chromium!
What stone did Mediaeval painters crush to make blue paint that with age, turned their blue skies to green? * Azurite. Which is a blue, near form, of Malachite.
What stone is also called White Pyrite? * Marcasite
Also, after each stone you may find one of the following symbols denoting the elemental correspondence.
Legend: * = Air ^ = Fire ~ = Water + = Earth.

  • Anger- Peridot+ Apache Tear^ Blue Lace Agate~ Rainbow Obsidian^

  • Attraction- Red Jasper^ Golden-hair Rutile

  • Balance / Harmony- Apache Tears^ Moss Agate+ Snowflake Obsidian^ Rock Clear Crystal~Blue Lace Agate~ Carnelian^ Labradorite~ Moonstone~ Golden Rutile Quartz~

  • Banishing- Obsidian^ Bloodstone^ Malachite+ (bad habits), Peridot+ Tourmalinated (black)Rutile Quartz~ Smoky Quartz^

  • Beauty- Red Jasper^ Moonstone~ Muggle Stone^ (interior beauty), Rock Crystal~ Venus-Hair Rutile~ Mahogany Obsidian^ (masculine beauty)

  • Business Success- Aventurine+ Bloodstone^ Malachite+ Golden Tiger Eye ^

  • Changes- Labradorite~ Hawk Eye~ Crystal~ Citrine* Peridot+

  • Children, Unruly-Blue Lace Agates~ Amethyst~

  • Clarity/Mental-Amethyst~ Ametrine~* Aventurine+ Carnelian ^ Rock Crystal~ Golden-hair Rutile~ Labradorite~ Pink quartz^ Obsidian ^ Hawk Eye~ Golden Tigereye^

  • Confidence / Charm- Carnelian^ Moss Agate+ Golden-hair Rutile~ Golden Tiger Eye^ Red Jasper^

  • Conviction- Labradorite~ Golden Tiger Eye^

  • Courage-Agates~ Bloodstone^ Carnelian^ Golden Tiger Eye^ Citrine*

  • Creativity / Natural Talents- Ametrine~* Aventurine+ Moonstone~ Hawk Eye~ Picasso Stone* Red Tiger Eye^ Carnelian^ Labradorite~ Venus-Hair (Copper) Rutile Quartz~

  • Decisions- Carnelian^ Picasso Stone* Labradorite~ Pink quartz^ Golden Rutile Quartz~ Snowflake Obsidian^

  • Depression-Amethyst~ Rock Crystal~ Agate~ Malachite+ Green Moss Agate+ Golden Rutile Quartz~ Smoky Quarts^

  • Dieting- Moonstone~ Venus-Hair (Copper) Rutile~

  • Discipline- Picasso Stone* Hawk Eye~

  • Doubt-Amethyst~ Carnelian^ Sodalite~ Peridot+

  • Dreams-(sweet) -Quartz Crystals~ Amethyst~ Ametrine~* Blue Lace Agate~ Moonstone~ Hawk's Eye~

  • Eloquence- Carnelian^ (under the tongue!)

  • Envy-Agates~ Amethyst~ Sodalite~

  • Family-Blue Lace Agates ~ Malachite + (protects children)

  • Fear- Coral~ Amethyst~ Peridot+ Tourmalinated (black) Rutile Quartz~ Sodalite~ Agate~ (for children)

  • Feminine qualities-Blue Lace Agate~ Moonstone~ Rock Crystal~ Venus-Hair Rutile~

  • Fertility- Agate~ (garden), Moonstone~

  • Fidelity/Faithfulness- Rose Quartz^

  • Friendship- Moss Agate+ Muggle Stone^ Mahogany Obsidian^ Rose Quartz^

  • Good Fortune/Luck- Apache Tears^ Aventurine+ Pyrite^ Golden-hair Rutile~

  • Grounding- Apache Tears^ Hematite^ Obsidian^ Rainbow Obsidian^ Petrified Wood+ Picasso Stone* Jet^ Smokey Quartz^

  • Growth- Moss Agate+ Petrified Wood+ Pietersite^

  • Guilt-Amethyst~ Sodalite~ Peridot+ Tourmalinated (black) Rutile Quartz~ Sodalite~

  • Habits Broken- Malachite+ Jet^ Obsidian^ Red Tigerís Eye^

  • Happiness-Blue Lace Agates~ Rainbow Obsidian^ Petrified Wood+ Rose Quartz+

  • Healing /Physical-Amethyst~ Ametrine~* (serious illness), Aventurine+ Obsidian, Peridot + (medication), Picasso Stone* Rock Crystal~ Sodalite~ Carnelian^ (headaches), Hematite (blood pressure), Malachite+ Petrified Wood+

  • Healing/Psychological-Amethyst~ Ametrine~* Rock Crystal~ Rose Quartz^ (a broken heart)

  • Healing/Spiritual- Ametrine~* Rock Crystal~ Moonstone~

  • Health- Aventurine+ Malachite+ Red Tiger Eye^

  • Heart Sickness- Bloodstone^ Moss Agate+

  • Illumination-Rainbow Obsidian^ Rock Crystal~ Golden-hair Rutile~

  • Imagination- Moss Agate+ Venus Hair Rutile~

  • Inspiration-Amethyst~ Muggle Stone^ Moonstone~ Petrified Wood+ Venus-Hair (Copper) Rutile~

  • Intuition-Perception-Blue Lace Agates~ Amethyst~ Ametrine~* Aventurine+ Labradorite~ Moonstone~ Muggle Stone^ Picasso Stone* Rock Crystal~ Hawk Eye~

  • Laziness/Inertia- Ametrine~* Pietersite^

  • Legal Matters- Bloodstone^ (marital) Carnelian^ (criminal)Tourmalinated (black) Rutile~ (personal), Golden Tigereye^ (in business)

  • Longevity-Agates, Jade+ Bloodstone^ Petrified Wood+ Amber+ Jet^

  • Love/Romantic-Amethyst~ (true), Red Jasper^ (lucky at) Malachite+ Moonstone~ Emerald+ Pink quartz^ Venus Hair (Copper) Rutile Quartz

  • Love-Desire- Carnelian^ Garnet^ Red Tiger Eye^ Copper~ Moonstone~ Red Jasper^

  • Magickal Energy- Moonstone~ Rock Crystal~ Golden-hair Rutile~

  • Marital Problems- Moonstone~

  • Masculine qualities- Mahogany Obsidian^ Golden Tiger Eye^ Red Tiger Eye^

  • Meditation-Agates~ Amethyst~ Rainbow Obsidian^ Pietersite^ Rock Crystal~ Blue Hawk Eye ~

  • Mental Powers- Citrine* Carnelian^ Mahogany Obsidian^ Pietersite (patterned thinking) Pyrite (memory)

  • Money/Employment- Ametrine~* Malachite+ Pyrite^ Golden-hair Rutile~ Golden Tiger Eye^

  • Nightmares- Amethyst~ Citrine* Garnet^ Peridot+ Moonstone~

  • Obstacles- Labradorite~ Moonstone~ Obsidian^ Pietersite^

  • Optimism- Rainbow Obsidian^

  • Peace-Blue Lace Agates~ Apache Tears^ Labradorite~ Moonstone~ Muggle Stone^ Obsidian^ Rose Quartz^ Hawk Eye~

  • Physical Energy-Agates~ Garnet^ Red Jasper^ Pietersite^ Red Tiger Eye^

  • Physical Strength-Agates~ Bloodstone^ Garnet^ Obsidian^ Red Tiger Eye^

  • Pleasures, Small-Agates~ Petrified Wood+ Venus-Hair Rutile~

  • Prophetic Dreams- Muggle Stone^ Blue Hawk Eye~

  • Protection/Physical-Agates~ (children) Snowflake Obsidian^ Tourmalinated Rutile~ Hematite^ (wounds) Golden Tiger Eye^ (during illness), Hawk Eye~(while asleep)

  • Psychic Abilities- Labradorite~ Moonstone~ Muggle Stone^ Rock Crystal~ Hawk Eye~

  • Quarrels/Quick Tempers-Amethyst~ Moonstone~ Sodalite~ Green Moss Agate+ Quartz Crystal~ Blue Lace Agate~

  • Respect- Picasso Stone* Carnelian^ Golden Tiger Eye^

  • Sadness/Sorrow/Grief-Amethyst~ Apache Tears^ Jet^

  • Sexual Energy- Carnelian^ Pietersite^ Red Tiger Eye^

  • Shielding- Hematite^ Obsidian^ Pyrite^ Marcasite~

  • Sleep/Rest-Amethyst~ Moonstone~

  • Spiritual Strength- Labradorite~ Pietersite^ Rock Crystal~ Venus-Hair Rutile

  • Stress-Amethyst~ Obsidian^ Picasso Stone* Rose Quartz^ Sodalite~ Hawk Eye~

  • Success- Aventurine+ Obsidian^ Golden-hair Rutile~ Golden Tiger Eye^

  • Theft- Garnet^

  • Travelers-Protection- Aventurine+ (over land) Garnet^ (after dark) Malachite+ Moonstone~ (over water, swimming), Snowflake Obsidian^ (driving)

  • Trust- Malachite+

  • Understanding- Amethyst~ Labradorite~ Hawk Eye~ Moonstone~

  • Wisdom- Labradorite~ Muggle Stone^ Sodalite~ Carnelian^ Petrified Wood+ Amber+ Jet^
  • Even though the following influenced this list, the study is so heavily edited by independent research and family tradition, that I would say they are not properly represented here. The first source debunks much of what New Agers call crystal mysticism and the second source is Wiccan based. Wisdom can be found in both.

    Sources: The Book of Sacred Stones by Barbara G. Walker, 1989, Harper San Francisco Cunninghamís Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magick by Scott Cunningham 1989, Llewellyn

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