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Magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts.
There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice
than in any other branch of physics. - Aleister Crowley

Witchcraft or folk magick is a simple but effective way to effect change in your self, your personal life and your environment if you are dedicated to the study and practice. Magick can be explained as mind over matter, blind faith, will power or prayer. To begin, one must accept as a possibility that behind the physical world there is a non-physical world; that those energies - which cannot be created or destroyed - can influence us and we can influence them. And, that there are several systems of study to learn how to do that. The craft of spell casting connects your physical senses to your psychic senses which in turn, connects to the energies of nature, and perhaps even to the divine in all things. This energy can put one in the way of achieving one's goals.

It takes years to do it even moderately well, so if you are a dabbler, these spells will hold little value to you. If you are a serious student, these may open new potential to you.

Some common spells are those cast are for prosperity, health, love, peace, getting a job, getting a raise, safety in travel, or protection of one's home or loved one. Knowing what you want is critical to your success. Visualizing the goal must have specificity. And, you must consider all possible outcomes before focusing on the one you desire. The following spells are some general spells (in addition to the ones I use as examples in the spell crafting lesson) that have been in my family for decades. The first two are gifts from Grandmother.

The most memorable spell I learned from my Grandmother come from a proper Victorian practice, which is that of brushing one's hair before going to bed. I was taught to brush away all the day’s worries and stress at night when one brushed one's hair 100 strokes. I can still hear her voice saying the chant as she brushed my hair.

Down and away, down and away.
All the troubles of the day.

SLEEP, PILLOW SPELL (H.M.B.Circa 1900 - reconstructed)
Another one of Grandmother's spells. I can still see her standing on the other side of Mother's bed flipping one pillow and teaching me to flip the other.
Say while flipping a pillow by the corners furthest away from you, toward you, five times saying:

Rest Ye Well
With even breath
A peaceful heart
A quiet mind
So tonight, sweet rest you find.

Set pillow in place. Smooth pillow case with hands, deliberately.

Lotus~ Mimosa~ on red, on Moon/day w/Apache Tear, Blue Lace Agate, Rainbow Obsidian w/Gardenia, Lavender, Olive, Vervain, Violet. Using a cooling Water oil on an fiery red candle, I stole this incantation (from?) for its simplicity… Breathe slowly, inhale the first line, exhale the second, said silently thrice:

Cool, Cool, add no more fuel
With even sighs, the anger dies. (thrice)

Dragon’s Blood^ on dk. pink, purple or black, Dark (New) moon or Saturn/day, Saturn-Mars/hour w/Jet, Bloodstone, Obsidian. w/Cedar, Clove, Violet

Be off! Be gone! No harm to thee
Do what thou wilt, away from me!
By Earth and Water, Sky and Sun
From sight and mind let thee be gone!

Honeysuckle* on yellow, on Sun/day, Mercury/hour w/Aventurine, Amber, Citrine, Petrified Wood. w/Pecan. In college or trade school, to help point you in the education direction to find your ideal career.

This sparks the will to learn the skills.
My ideal work this course fulfills.


To do a self cleansing, short of a sacred bath. On charcoal or other, light some type of a sacred incense: Acacia* , Mimosa~, Cedarwood+, Champaca (Nag Champa), Cypress+, Frankincense*, Jasmine*, Lotus~, Myrrh~*, Plumeria~, Sandalwood^, or the like. Catch some smoke in your hands and wash the smoke over your head and shoulders, thrice - saying each time...

May I be a blessing to myself and to others.

Then, stand in a posture of respect, say...

May I deny ignorance to find; perfect peace, natural harmony,
loving kindness, thankful joy, compassion, gratitude, and composure.

Then repeat the washing of the smoke over your head and shoulders, thrice - saying each time...

May I be a blessing to myself and to others.

Three sticks (or powdered on charcoal) of sacred incense is lit. Using a fan, feather, hand or breath, waft the smoke gently towards, circling deosil, around the object or person to be cleansed and blessed.

By this measured sacred smoke
Cleansing thee with every stroke
Release, refreshed, renewed and free
Of anything that bindeth thee

Saturn or Cinnamon on brown, Sun/day w/Carnelian, Labradorite, Pyrite, Crystal, Golden Rutile Quartz, Golden Tiger-eye. w/Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Walnut

(Author's note: When, over the past forty years, I have researched to see if there is someone else who thinks having a common sense spell useful - I am still surprised to find that no one has.)

Mother Wit, no clutter or pause
Must cloud the effects or cover the cause
I see all the ends before the starts,
With native truth and earthly smarts

Lilac* on orange on Saturn/day w/Carnelian, Labradorite, Pink quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, w/Jasmine, Mimosa, Lotus, Thyme, Yarrow

There is an old adage,to sleep on a problem. Science verifies that sleep helps reorganize important thoughts from the petty details that clutter our thought processes. Done actively and not passively - sleep is a good problem solving tool that can actually be programmed for a specific problem. Write a question thrice and place under a candle. Say one of the incantations that best adapts to the specific problem.

Off the fence and on the mark
Indecision now will fade
Vision clears and gone the dark
With morning light the choice is made

Heart and mind, heart and mind
The choice I cannot see
Show the way as clear a day
So heart and mind agree

I know how to choose
It lies in my heart
All that I need now
Is the courage to start

CONCEPTION - AC 1974 - For Cheri
Violet + or Honeysuckle* on pink or purple, Midnight of Bright (Full) Moon or Venus day, Labradorite~ or Moonstone~, w/ Hazel * Hawthorne ^ Mistletoe * Mugwort + or Wild Mustard ^ (over bed) ?

Sow, sow, the seed of love
Grow, grow, new life begin
Lady of Life, Lord of Light
Unite, create a child within.

Tuberose~ Cherry Blossom~ on pink, Venus/day-hour w/Pink Quartz. w/Apple blossom, Lilac, Lotus, Orange, Rose. Words from something I remembered as a child that I think was either Christian or Buddhist.

Help me meet the growing day with generosity
Giving everything I need, till it comes back to me.

STRESS (AC-1987)
Tuberose~ Cinnamon^ on yellow or green, Dark (new) Moon w/blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Blue Tiger-eye, Labradorite, Sodalite. w/Gardenia, Lemon

Deceiving phantoms, Banished Be
All discord be gone from me.
Worth and Power by this drawn
Strength invoked and stress be gone!

Hold the coin up to eye level saying...

Where I bless, blessing returns.
In this silver good luck burns.
Luck be free
Luck to thee/me

Bury offering or tossed into spring, river, lake or ocean.

I get migraines and one can sneak up on me at the most unexpected times. Inevitably, I will be out to dinner and not have my pills with me. Rather than ruin the evening to go home for pills, I will do this instead. If I catch the migraine early enough, it usually works.

I adapted these words from another spell, (from? :::slaps hand::: bad witch, bad, bad witch.) Power hand circle food attracting thrice,(widdershins if right handed and deosil if left) then focus through hands creating a triangle window over food or drink. Visualize one's need into the food/drink saying...

Bountiful nature, more than feed
Fill this cup/plate with what I need.

Now - Eat & Drink with confidence.

When taking medications, enhance their effectiveness by empowering them, three times three (3x3), by passing them through healing incense (attracting - deosil if Wiccan or left handed. My tradition - widdershins if right handed).

Three times to enhance the active ingredient
Three times to focus it to the illness.
Three times to shield it from giving side effects.


Combine Basil, Rosemary, Mistletoe, needles, pins, nutshells, sea shells, flowers, sand and sea water. (Spring water w/sea salt or red wine) in a sterile small jar saying:

Things that stab & things that bind
Guard these precious ones of mine
Preserve them safely from all harm
And banish peril by this charm.

Bury the jar at the farthest corner of your property or place it in a conspicuous spot near the front door. AC

Moon~ Cherry Blossom* on white, light blue, purple, or indigo Moon/day, Jupiter/hour w/Moonstone, Amethyst, Crystals w/Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme

In the spell, I personify Sleep as a spirit, who comes when called to steal into one's room and claim the petitioner as one of His.

Hush, He steps across the stone
In silence, dreaming of the Sun,
Sleep will come to claim His own.
Thou shalt not wake till night is done.

(True Love)
Debate away on the dangers or merits of doing love spells, but they are as old as time. Done in a general way - addressing no one in particular - I offer the following True Love Spell. The caution in this spell is that it will attract one's match, that is, one's equal. Not one's opposite or yin/yang balance or other half of an incomplete whole. If you are incomplete, what makes you think that you are ready to be loved? If you are incomplete, what qualities might you lack that true love might require? If you think s/he will love all your faults and failings because that is your definition of true love or if you think that the definition of true love is never having to work at it, then this spell is not for you.

This spell is for people who pretty much know who they are and what they want. They know what they have to offer and who might benefit from that. These people are pretty sure that their tastes, values and ethics are not likely to change. And thus, people looking for someone like him or herself, whole and ready to love and be loved. However, any true match, (and there can be more than one!) doesn't mean it will be a trouble free relationship - it only means that it will definitely be worth the trouble!

Cherry Blossom~ Rose~ on orange (m) or pink (f) Moon/ day Sun/Venus hour w/Emerald, Pink quartz, Red Jasper, Moonstone, Venus Hair (Copper) Rutile Quartz w/Apple Blossom, Almond, Birch, Honeysuckle, Rose, Vervain, Acacia, Elder, Fern, Heather, Juniper, Lavender, Marigold, Marjoram, Mistletoe, Moonwort, Patchouli, Vanilla

As water seeks its own level
And the moon attracts the tide
I call to thee my equal
True Love, be at my side

© 2002-2017 Ardriana Cahill

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