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In Old Irish, the word for wood~
and the word for ~knowledge~
came from the same root.

Oils Listed by Intention

Essential oils are the subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs and trees through distillation. In alchemy, it is said that the soul of a plant is its oil. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests, priestesses and alchemists have used essential oils for thousands of years to heal the sick. They are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known to man and were considered more valuable than gold to the ancients.

Listed are both essential oils and some of the older blended oils. Believe it or not, this is the short list. I have extensive studies on each oil that I hope to post at a later date. Since I am a fire witch, the oils are listed with their corresponding candle color for use in Candle Magick, but the oils can be used in any magickal workings, sachets, incense, to seal incantations for burning, and in some cases for wearing. (Always test oil on skin for allergic reaction.) And be sure to read my essay on Anchoring in my Book of Shadows opening page before you use oils magickally.

After each oil you may find one of the following symbols denoting their elemental correspondence.
Legend: * = Air ^ = Fire ~ = Water + = Earth (m) = spell cast for/on a man (f) = spell cast for/on a woman.

  • Affection-on light blue-Rose, Ginger Blossom^ (m) Bewitching, Sweet Pea, Venus

  • Anger-on red-Lily of the Valley, Mimosa~ Moon~

  • Ambition-on red-All Spice^ Musk, Success^ Sun^

  • Anointing / Sacred-on anything-Acacia * Blessing, Anointing, Carnation^ (sacred oil) Frankincense* (sacred oil) Holy, Jasmine* (sacred oil) Lily of the Valley, Lotus~ (sacred oil) Musk, Meditation, Myrrh, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, Violet, Wisteria,

  • All Purpose, Altar . Astral . Sacred Olive Rose

  • Attraction-on yellow or orange-Attraction, Magnet Wisteria, Strawberry Venus

  • Balance/Harmony-green-Lilac~ Narcissus, Rose, Tuberose~ Orange, Jasmine* (sacred oil) Carnation^ (sacred oil)

  • Banishing-on black, silver dark pink, or white--Apple blossom*~ Hindu Grass . Hyacinth~ (grief, sadness) Lavender, Lilac~ (universal or ghosts) Master, Rue, Bayberry+ Mimosa~ (negativity in oneself ) Myrrh, Rose, Rose Geranium, Tuberose~ (negative influences) Violet, Wisteria, Witches Brew, Dragonís Blood^ (conflict) Mars, Midnight, Rosemary, Sassafras, Peach~ Sensation, Verbena, Geranium Frankincense*

  • Barriers-purple-Violet+ Wisteria

  • Beauty-pink (f) or orange (m) -Violet, Rose, Tuberose~ Jasmine~ Narcissus, Gardenia*~ Rosemary~ Apricot~

  • Blessings-light blue-Cypress+ (sacred oil) Lotus~ (sacred oil) Bayberry+ Sun^ Champaca~ (sacred oil) Eucalyptus* (sacred oil) Frankincense*

  • Business Success-purple-Hindu Grass, Magnet, Spring Mint, Saturn, Jupiter~ Mistletoe* Peony, Tiger

  • Charm-yellow-Cedarwood+ (sacred oil) Summer Rain, Venus, Honeysuckle* Rose Geranium, Rose~ Musk Ginger Blossom^(m)

  • Children/Unruly-green-Lily Of the Valley, Crab Apple, Cypress+ (sacred oil) Pluto

  • Clarity/Mental-yellow-Mercury, Autumn Leaves, Lily of Valley, Almond (alertness) Honeysuckle* (memory)

  • Cleansing-white-Cedarwood+ (sacred oil) Pine Eucalyptus* (sacred oil) Grapefruit^

  • Common sense-brown or yellow--Rose Geranium, Lily Of the Valley, Mercury, Honeysuckle* Cinnamon^

  • Compelling /Commanding-orange--Commanding, Lotus ~ (sacred oil) Compelling, Uranus, Chocolate, Primrose, Tiger

  • Confidence-black-Musk, All Spice^ Iris, Lotus~ (sacred oil)

  • Conviction-purple-Autumn Leaves, Sun^ Musk, Ambergris~

  • Cooperation-green-Bayberry+ Clove^ Ambergris, Mercury, Musk, Moon~ Mimosa~

  • Courage-red-Rose Geranium, Will Power, Tiger, Autumn Leaves, All Spice ^ Mars^ Frankincense* Musk, Vervain Dragons Blood^

  • Creativity / Talents-yellow-Uranus, Venus, Vervain, Sun, Citronella, Joy, Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Cinnamon^ (sacred oil) Athena* Honeysuckle, Lilac, Rose

  • Crisis/Last Resort-double action-Magic, Reversible, Special Favor

  • Decisions-orange-Hindu Grass, Lilac, Mercury, Almond^

  • Dance-yellow-Venus, Vervain, Rose

  • Defensive Magick-see Banishing

  • Depression-purple-Eucalyptus* Joy, Sensation

  • Dieting-see Self-Control

  • Direction-green-Magnet, Sun

  • Dreams-see Sleep

  • Eloquence-orange-Citronella (for writing), Master, Mercury, Cinnamon

  • Employment-brown-Bayberry+ Mystery, Job, Musk, Prosperity (for a raise), Honeysuckle* Saturn

  • Fame-hot pink-Clover*+ Sun ^Ambergris~ Musk

  • Fear-red-Rose, Cinnamon^ (sacred oil) All Spice^ Musk, Saturn, Moon~ (of the dark)

  • Friendship-light pink or orange-Citronella, Master, Bayberry+ Venus, Apple Blossom* Cherry Blossom*~ Almond^

  • Genius-red-Uranus

  • Grace-pink-Venus, Vervain, Rose

  • Good Fortune/Luck-green or purple-Jupiter, Athena * Lotus, Irish Moss+ Magnet (on purple), Venus, Vanilla, Saturn, Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil)

  • Gossip-yellow-Rose Geranium, Witches Brew, Moon, Saturn

  • Grounding-brown-Carnation^ (sacred oil) Cinnamon^ (sacred oil) Mimosa, Sandalwood, Saturn, Uranus, Violet,

  • Guilt-purple-Lotus, Violet, Spanish Moss, Ambergris, Moon, Hyacinth

  • Happiness-pink-Magnet, Tuberose, Apple Blossom*~ Cherry Blossom*~ Happiness, Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Vanilla, Moon

  • Healing /Physical-green-Cyclamen (childbirth), Rue, Mimosa, Sandalwood, Carnation^ (sacred oil) Life, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Camphor Oil~ Eucalyptus* (sacred oil)

  • Healing/Psychological-yellow or purple-Peach, Frankincense, Hyacinth~ Moon~ Rosemary, Lilac, Rue (madness) Apple Blossom*~ Grapefruit^ (for optimism)

  • Healing/Spiritual-purple or magenta-Rue, Rose Sandalwood, Moon, Hyacinth~ Meditation,

  • Health-green or brown-Clover*+ Lotus~ (sacred oil), Wintergreen, Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil)

  • Heart Sickness-red-Rosemary, Moon

  • Home-light blue or white--Cumin Seed, Moon, Rose, Patchouli, Fantasy, Spanish Moss. Rosemary

  • Honor-light pink-Venus, Jupiter~ Magnet, Clover*+

  • Hope-light blue-Sesame, Peach, Cherry Blossom*~ Lotus, Hyacinth~ Almond^

  • Illumination / Spiritual-white--Civet, Bayberry+

  • Intuition-yellow-Honeysuckle* Meditation, Cinnamon^ (sacred oil), Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil), Mercury*

  • Justice-red-Mars^ Athena*

  • Karma-purple or indigo-Sandalwood, Lilac, Neptune~

  • Laughter-dark blue-Cherry Blossom*~ Heliotrope, Happiness, Summer Rain~ Apple Blossom*~

  • Laziness-see Physical Energy

  • Legal Matters-orange-Doveís Blood~ Sassafras, Saturn, Jupiter~ (fast) Dragons Blood^

  • Long Life-Hyacinth~ Ginger^

  • Loss-see Sadness

  • Lost Items-black-Magnolia, Ambergris~

  • Lost Love-pink (f) or orange (m) -Uranus, Pineapple, Peach~ Apricot~

  • Love/Romantic-light pink-Clover*+ Orange Blossom (for marriage), Rose, Sweet Pea, Venus, Attraction, Love, Gardenia*~ Hyacinth~ Jasmine* (sacred oil) Lotus~ (sacred oil) Midnight, Jupiter~ Apple Blossom*~ Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Doveís Blood~

  • Love-Desire-red-Seduction^ Clove^ Tuberose~ Ginger Blossom^ (m) Stephanotis, Jasmine* (sacred oil) India Bouquet~ Enchantment, Fantasy, Honey, Orange, Tiger, Venus, Peach

  • Lower oneís Profile-white-Bayberry+ Myrrh, Sandalwood

  • Money-green, brown, or gold--Almond, Bayberry+ Irish Moss+ Magnet, Money, Success^ Drawing (gaming) Grape, Sun, Poppy,

  • Magickal Energy-green-Camphor~ Candle Coconut~ focus)

  • Marital Problems-green or light blue-Violet, Wisteria, Gardenia*~ (healing)

  • Meditation-Black or purple-Myrrh, Sandalwood, Cinnamon^ (sacred oil), Orchid, Mimosa~ Meditation, Jupiter

  • Mental Powers-yellow-Peach, Mercury, Apricot, Saturn, Honeysuckle* Lilac, Cinnamon^ (sacred oil), Spanish Moss Coconut~ (racial memory) Orchid Iris~ (concentration)

  • Miracles-black-Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Lotus ~ (sacred oil)

  • Mistakes-light blue-Pine, All Spice

  • Natural Talent-purple-Uranus

  • Nightmares-black or purple-Vervain, Lavender, All Spice^

  • Obstacles-silver or double action-Sensation, Astral, All Spice^

  • Openness-light blue or pink-Musk, Summer Rain, Carnation^ (sacred oil)

  • Opportunities-dark blue-Magnet, Lilac, Bayberry+ Wisteria

  • Pain-green (physical) or light blue (psychological)-Violet, Carnation^(phy)(sacred oil) Rue, Rosemary, Sandalwood Moon~ (psy)

  • Peace-light blue, white, or pink (for friends)- Cumin Seed, Narcisus, Tuberose~ Cherry Blossom*~ Controlling (mental peace), Cypress, Hyacinth~ Lilac~ Lily Of the Valley, Fantasy, Peace, Jupiter Doveís Blood~ Gardenia*~

  • Physical Energy-red or orange-All Spice, Carnation^ (sacred oil) Healing, Lavender, Peppermint, Spring Mint, Spring Flowers

  • Physical Strength-red or green- Musk, Redwood, Tangerine, Iris~ Ginger^

  • Power-green or purple-Camphor~ Candle, Iris~ Orange, Tangerine, Saturn

  • Prophetic Dreams-silver or purple-Mimosa ~ Narcissus (of love), Tuberose~ Violet, Hyacinth~

  • Protection / Physical-green-Cedar+ (sacred oil) , Bayberry + Master, Neptune (over water), Rose Geranium, Saturn, Moon, Mercury (flying), Heliotrope, Jupiter~ Gardenia*~ (from animals), Spearmint (from intruders) Anise* Irish Moss+ (in harm's way)Dragons Blood^ Eucalyptus* (sacred oil)

  • Protection/Psychic-purple-Amber, Bayberry+ Peach, Power, Rose Geranium, Rue, Bergamot, Lemon Coconut~ (newborn children)

  • Psychic Work-white or gold-(for Clairvoyance) Anise, Sandalwood, Mercury, (for other) Neptune, Meditation, Myrrh, Acacia, Bouquet Oriental, Lemon, Cinnamon^ (sacred oil), Lotus~ (sacred oil) Peach, Magnolia Ambergris~

  • Quarrels-red-Rose (for lovers), Clove^ Gardenia*~ (for lovers), Lavender (close relationship), Jupiter~ (to reconcile enemies), Patchouli (for peaceful separations), Bayberry+

  • Quick Tempers-green or red-Crab Apple (for drunks), Mimosa, Lily Of the Valley

  • Quick Changes-yellow--Dragons Blood^ Lilac, Honeysuckle*

  • Respect-light blue or color-Goddess (f), Moon~ (f), Jupiter~ (m), Magnet

  • Resolution-green-Apple Blossom*~ Lavender, Master, Bayberry+ Myrrh, Midnight

  • Sacred Knowledge-purple- Meditation, Mimosa~ Coconut~

  • Sadness/Sorrow/Grief-white, black, or vivid pink- Apple Blossom *~ Frankincense, Summer Rain, Saturn

  • Sexual Energy-red-Mars (m), Carnation^(m)(sacred oil), Ambergris (m) Clove (f)

  • Shyness-pink-Animal, Musk, Courage, Friendship, Stephanotis, Apple Blossom

  • Sleep / Rest-white-- Narcissus, Rue (for safety in sleep) Hyacinth~ Moon, Rose, Cherry Blossom*~

  • Spiritual Strength-silver or purple-Rue, Heliotrope, Jasmine* (sacred oil) Lemon, Lotus, Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Iris~

  • Stress-yellow or green-Lavender, Lily Of the Valley, Gardenia*~ Neptune, Moon

  • Stubbornness-silver (condition) or green (person) Dragonís Blood (condition), Almond (person)

  • Success-orange-Sun^ Jupiter~ Clove^ Ambergris ~ (teamwork) Musk, Success ^

  • Travel-green- Saturn, Venus, Neptune (over water) Moon (at night), Violet, Sandalwood, Meditation

  • Tension / Physical-green-Eucalyptus* (sacred oil) Mimosa~

  • Theft-green-Saturn, Mercury

  • Understanding-gold-- Heliotrope, Lilac, Mimosa~ Meditation, Peach, Vanilla

  • Victory- silver -Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil) Venus, Mars Frankincense* (over addictions)

  • Vitality-see Physical Energy

  • Wealth-gold or green-Clover*+ Moon, Neptune (for treasure), Mercury, Jupiter~ Bergamot, Heliotrope, Fantasy, Bouquet Oriental, Lotus ~ (sacred oil) Vervain

  • Wisdom-purple-Lilac, Clove^ Athena* Bouquet Oriental~ (sacred oil)

  • Wishes-red or green-Wishing, Clove^ Jupiter~

  • Sources: The Book of Sacred Stones by Barbara G. Walker, 1989, Harper San Francisco Cunninghamís Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magick by Scott Cunningham 1989, Llewellyn

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