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If of thy worldly goods thou are bereft, And unto thee, two loaves alone are left
Sell one, and with the dole . . . By hyacinths to feed thy soul. - Persian Proverb

Botanicals Listed by Intention

The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Native Americans were all herbalists. The oldest known list of medicinal herbs is Shen Nungís Pen Tsíao (c. 3000 B.C.), a Chinese herbal that is probably a compilation of a much older oral tradition. The ancient Greeks and Romans were also renowned herbalists. Surgeons who traveled with the Roman army spread their herbal expertise throughout the Roman empire, in Spain, Germany, France, and England. The physician, botanist and pharmacologist, Pedanius Dioscorides (c. 40-c. 90) and Galen (131-200), both Greek surgeons in the Roman army, compiled herbals that were translated into Latin as De Materia Medica remained the authority in medicinal plants for 1500 years.

Four herbals that are milestones in the history of western herbal medicine, from its classical source to its drift from medical science: ďThe Vienna DioscoridesĒ (De Materia Medica, 512 A.D.); The Badianus Manuscript (An Aztec Herbal of 1552); John Gerardís Herball, or Generall Historie of Plants (1597); and Nicholas Culpeperís English Physician (1652).

I list these pages as botanicals because I use flowers, trees, leaves, nuts, fruits besides known herbs. You will find Alpine wildflowers in the list as well, since I gather these that grow around our summer cabin for magickal use.

However, I am not the kitchen witch my grandmother was and the following list of botanicals are to be used in sympathetic magick spell crafting ONLY. Some of the plants below are poisonous (shown in red). Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Also, after each botanical you may find one of the following symbols denoting their elemental correspondence.
Legend: * = Air ^ = Fire ~ = Water + = Earth (m) = spell cast for/on a man (f) = spell cast for/on a woman.

  • Anger: Alyssum~
  • Balance: Carnation^ (emotional) Honeysuckle+ (mental) Mimosa~ Celery^ (physical)

  • Banishing: Alyssum~ (anger) Basil^ (quarrels or depression) Clove^ (universal) Red Clover* (panic or bad luck) Cumin^ Cypress+ (to ease sorrow) Dragonís Blood^ (conflict) Elder* (universal) Fleabane~ (universal) Forget me not ~ (loneliness) Frankincense^ (universal) Fern+ (enchantments) Garlic^ (universal or thieves) Gentian~ (universal or depression) Hemlock~ (bad habits, addictions, dissolve relationships) Hyacinth~ (grief, sadness) Lilac~ (universal or ghosts) Lotus (universal) Marigold^ ( legal troubles) Mimosa~ (negativity in oneself ) Mistletoe* (universal) Monkeyflower* (unfounded guilt) Peach~ (universal) Pepper^ (envy) Pine^ (illness) Pistachios* (love sickness) Sandalwood~ (universal) Shamrock* (unwanted situation) Snapdragon* (gossip) Tuberose~ (negative influences) Thyme~ (to ease sorrow) Wolfbane~ (addictions)

  • Beauty: Apricot~ (to sweeten oneís disposition) Avocado~ (general) Catnip~ (attractiveness) Fern+ (youth) Ginseng ( Myrtle~ (in glamours) Orange Blossom (in movement) Rosemary~ (internal youthfulness)

  • Catalysts: Dragon's Blood^ Mistletoe*

  • Clarity: Clove^ (to make decisions) Honeysuckle^ (clear thinking)

  • Cleansing: Bay^ Cedar^ Chamomile~ Fennel^ Iris~ Lavender* Lemon~ (tools), Mimosa~ Oak^ Olive^ Parsley*(bath) Peppermint^ Rosemary~ Sage* Valerian~ Vervain

  • >Courage: Allspice^ (universal) Rose~ ( to love unconsciously) Gentian^ (confidence) Sweet Pea~ (to be oneself) Tea^ Thyme~ (face oneís fears) Yarrow~ (universal)

  • Creativity: Carnation^ Honeysuckle+ Indian Paintbrush~

  • Divination: Rose~ Cherry~ (love) Clove^ Dandelion* Hibiscus~ Ivy~ Meadowsweet * Orange ^ Peppermint ^

  • Dreams: Onion^ Holly^ (prophetic) Jasmine~ Mimosa~ Mugwort+ (prophetic dreams) Lilac~ (ancestor dream work) Cinnamon^ Marigold^ Yarrow~

  • Employment: Pecan*

  • Energy/Artistic: Indian Paintbrush~ (writer's block)

  • Faeries and Elves: Daisy~ Foxglove~ Grape~ Shamrock* Wood Sorrel+

  • Fidelity: Cumin^ Clover*

  • Fertility: Daffodil~ Ginseng^ Gentian^ Grape~ Hazel* Hawthorne^ Mistletoe* Mugwort+ Wild Mustard* (over bed) Myrtle~ Nutmeg^ Oak^ Olive^ Patchouli+ Poppy~ Rice* Sunflower^ Wheat+

  • Friendship: Lemon~ Sweetpea~

  • Good Fortune/Luck: Allspice^ Aloe~ Bamboo* (next to home or over door) (Harebell)Bluebell~ Red Clover* (worn over the left breast) Daffodil~ Fern+ Goldenrod* Heather~ Hazel* Holly^ (worn by men only) Honeysuckle* Irish Moss~ Ivy~ (worn by women only) Lotus~ Mistletoe* Nutmeg^ Oak^ Orange^ Rose~ Sandalwood~ Strawberry leaves~ Sunflower^ Violet~

  • Happiness: Catnip~ Hawthorne^ Hyacinth~ Lavender* Lily of the Valley* (enchantment) Marjoram* Meadowsweet*

  • Healing: Allspice^ Apple^ Bay^ Bittersweet* Blackberry~ Carnation^ Cedar^ Cinnamon^ Elder Eucalyptus~ Fennel^ Feverfew~ Flax^ Gardenia~ Garlic^ Ginseng^ Henna^ Hops* Hyacinth~ (depression) Ivy~ Lime^ Mint* Mugwort+ Myrrh~ Oak^ Olive^ Onion^ Peppermint^ Pine* Potato+ Rose~ Rosemary~ Sandalwood~ Thistle^ Thyme~ Violet~ Willow~

  • Health: Ash^ Caraway* Coriander^ Garlic^ Ginseng^ Juniper^ Marjoram* Mistletoe* Nutmeg^ Oak^ Rose~ Sunflower seeds^ (against small pox) Thyme~

  • Legal Matters: Buckthorn~ Hickory (against arrest), Marigold^ Red Clover* (financial)

  • Love: Apple^ Apricot pits~ (carried) Almond* Barley + Basil^ Brazil Nut* Chamomile~ Cherry~ Chestnut^ Cinnamon^ Clove^ Clover* Daffodil~ Daisy~ Dragonís Blood^ Forget Me Not~ Gardenia~ Ginger^ Gentian^ Hazel* Hibiscus~ Hyacinth~ Jasmine~ Juniper^ Lavender* Lemon~ Lime^ Marjoram * Meadowsweet* Mimosa~ Mistletoe* Myrtle~ Nutmeg^ Olive^ Orange^ Peach~ Peppermint^ Plum~ Plumeria~ Poppy~ Raspberry~ Rose~ Rosemary~ Strawberry~ Thyme~ Valerian~ Vanilla~ Vervain+ (to cure unrequited love) Violet~ Willow~ Yarrow~

  • Longevity/Immortality: Appl ~ Lavender* Lemon~ Peach~ Mistletoe*

  • Lust/Desire: Celery^ Dill^ Dragonís Blood^ Onion^ Olive^ Parsley* Rosemary~ Red Clover*

  • Magickal Powers: Anise* (spiritual aid for works) Bamboo* (flute to contact spirits) Carnation^ Cinnamon^ (link with pets/familiars)Hawthorne^ (Fishing magick) Holly^ (Dream magick) Mistletoe* (opens locks) Fern+ (burn outside for rain) Fern seeds + (invisibility)

  • Mental Powers: Caraway* Celery^ Honeysuckle^ (clear thinking) Grape~ Lilac~ (memory) Lily of the Valley* (youthful memories) Rosemary~ Walnut^

  • Money/Wealth: Almond* Allspice^ Basil^ Blackberry~ Cedar chips^ (carried) Chamomile~ Cinnamon^ Clove^ Dill^ Dragonís Blood^ Fern+ Ginger^ Grape~ Honeysuckle Irish Moss~ (under rugs) Jasmine~ Mint* Moss+ Myrtle~ Nutmeg^ Onion^ Orange^ Oak^ Patchouli+ Pecan* Pine* Rice* Snapdragon^ Tea^ Vervain+ Wheat+

  • Peace: Gardenia~ Hyacinth~ Lavender* Meadowsweet* Mimosa~ Myrtle~ Pennyroyal^ Violet~

  • Prosperity: Almonds* (carried lead to treasure) Ash^ Banana~ Elder~ Mint* Nuts+ Oak^ Tulip+

  • Protection: Acacia* Aloe~ Angelica^ Anise* Ash^ (drowning & travel) Alyssum~ fascination or enchantment) Bayberry^ (lightning & general) Basil^ (goats) Birch~ (lightning & ghosts) Blackberry~ Blueberry (undesirables at home) Caraway* Carnation^ Cedar^ (general) Cinquefoil^ Cloves^ Clover* (against madness and snakes) Cotton + Cumin^ (against theft), Cypress+ (general) Dill^ (curses & children) Dogwood* (worn) Dragonís Blood^ (calms a angry house) Elder~ ( for the bridal couple, attack ir robbery) Eucalyptus~ (colds) Fennel^ (evil spirits) Feverfew~ (against migraines & accidents) Flax^ Frankincense^ Foxglove~ Garlic^ Grass+ Hazel* (lightning) Heather~ Holly^ (against lightning & poisoning /carried by men only) Irish Moss~ (carry for travel over water) Ivy ~ (carried by women only, against intoxication & disaster) Lavender* (the home) Lilac~ (general) Lime^ Marigold^ (against law suits), Mimosa~ (against misfortune) Mint* (travel) Mistletoe* (against lightning, fires and misfortune) Mugwort+ (general) Mulberry* (the garden against lightning) Mustard^ (while flying or over a babyís cradle) Myrrh~ Oak^ (acorns Ė general) Olive^ (general) Onion^ Parsley* (personal) Peach pit ~ Pepper^ (property) Pine* (illness) Primrose+ Raspberry ~ (ghosts) Rice* (misfortune) Rose~ Rosemary ~ (ill health) Sandalwood~ Snapdragon^ (against deception) Spanish Moss, (worn) Thistle^ Valerian~ Vervain+ (against enemies) Violet~ (general) Willow~ Wolfbane~ ( vampires & werewolves)

  • Psychic Ability: Celery^ Dandelion* (spirit calling), Peppermint^ (visions) Mugwort+ (astral projection) Bay^ Cinnamon^ Clover* (detect spirits) Frankincense^ Honeysuckle+ (light a honeysuckle candle on a decision, sleep to wake with solution) Marigold^ Myrr ~ Rose~ Thyme~ Yarrow~

  • Sleep: Chamomile Holly^ (warn off nightmares) Elder^ Hops Lavender* Mistletoe* (beautiful dreams) Peppermint^ Rosemary~ Thyme~ Vervain+

  • Spirituality: Cinnamon^ Frankincense^ Heather~ Myrrh~ Sandalwood~ Olive^ Hyacinth~

  • Strength: Allspice^ Bay^ Carnation^ Indian Paintbrush~ Garlic^ Mugwort+ Mulberry* (the will) Thistle^

  • Success: Cinnamon^ Red Clover* (business) Ginger^ Vanilla~ Marigold^ (to gain respect), Mistletoe* Patchouli+ Sandalwood~ Thyme~ (for irresistibility)

  • Wisdom: Almond* Hazel* Iris~ Sage* Sunflower^ Peach~

  • Wishes: Bamboo* Dandelion* Dogwood* Hazel* Peach~ Sage* Sandalwood~ (wish written on a sandalwood chip and burned) Sunflower^ Violet~

    Sources: Much from Cunningham's Encyclopedic of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham, 1997 Llewellyn Publications. Grandmother's wisdom and my travels.

    © 2004-2017 Ardriana Cahill

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